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Ants all over the world are signing

a asking Oreos to sell

Oreo Crumbles for them.

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To raise awareness about this campaign,

we’re meeting our audience where they are,

around messy eaters. There’s no denying

messy eaters leave crumbs, and where

there are crumbs, there are ants. So, we’re

enlisting a crew a messy-microinfluencers

to help get the word out.

Introducing Ants Favorite Crumbs, if there’s

one market out there we need to capture, it’s

the competitive crumb market. So Oreo is

shifting its focus from humans for a bit, and

focusing on the world’s smallest, most

walked-all-over, niche audience: Ants.

How do you keep surprising an audience that

already loves Oreo, the worlds favorite


Oreo doesn’t need to sell to humans anymore,

we love them. But that doesn’t mean there

isn’t an audience out there that we still  need

to reach


The Daily Ant

We know what worked on

humans, let’s see if it works for

ants. To introduce the campaign

we put a new spin on the iconic

Oreo Daily Twists by highlighting moments in ant culture.

Micro Ads


To keep our target engaged with

our social content, we will give

them what works best, memes!

Ants all over the world are signing
a asking Oreos to sell
Oreo Crumbles for them.

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Next we created crumb-sized ads on Instagram

because how the hell would an ant see a regular

sized ad? That’s ridiculous. So, we used the zoom

feature as an innovative way of serving ads to

ants in the social space.

ant vid again.png

Crumb Influencers



AD: John Bennett

CW: Evan Solomon

CW: Natalia Zapata 

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